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The spotted lanternfly is here and has brought plenty of friends. These little critters munch on a large variety of trees, vines, and shrubs, often causing irreparable damage to the plant. People often notice the spotted lanternflies as they fall out of the trees onto their porches and decks, or by seeing them directly on the plants they feed on. Other ways to notice spotted lanterflies are to look for signs of plant stress on trees and bushes (black marks on leaves, jagged/squared bite marks about the size of a hole punch on tree leaves, or general loss of foliage on the plant). The Spotted Lanternfly has been observed all over Lancaster, so it might be a good idea to go outside and check the plants on your property.

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Spotted LanternFly
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Spotted Latternfly








In an attempt to quell these evil doers, Kirchner’s Pest Control has started a Spotted Lanternfly service. Our service protects your plants in more ways than one. First, we provide a topical treatment to treat any SLF that should happen to land on the plant. SLF crawl from the ground up the tree, so our trunk spray is bound to get in the way of those unwanted red and black terrors. Next, we provide a soil drench along the root flare of the plant, so that the chemical can be absorbed systemically and translocated throughout the entire tree. This ensures that even the SLF at the tip top of the tree is treated. With hundreds of trees already treated this year, we are quickly becoming your local lanternfly experts! Call today, we love answering your questions!




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